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Certifications – What are they and what are they good for?

This topic usually raises some questions. The certification of a translation is nothing more than the confirmation of the translator’s identity. […]

The translation process in 6 steps

If you think that „translation“ is merely the conversion of a word, sentence or text from one language into another, perhaps […]

‘K’ as in EPIK, Know-how or… „Kali“ aka Carlos

Full name: Carlos Alberto Vaz de Amaral Age: 49 Birthplace: Penalva do Castelo, Beira Alta Academic degree: Degree in Social Communication, […]

‘I’ as in EPIK, Interactivity or… Isabel

The article we have for you today is about a real music lover who cannot stay away from the radio even […]

Wissen Sie, was desenrascar ist?

Portugal-Kenner haben sicherlich schon vom fado gehört, dem portugiesischen Musikstil, der von saudade spricht  – 2 Wörter, die schwer in andere […]

‘P’ as in EPIK, Precision or… Paula

We start this month by introducing someone who does not like to be in the spotlight. „I don’t like to draw […]

6 tips for choosing the right translation agency

In the Age of Globalization we are currently living in, the ability to make ourselves understood in any other place in […]

‘E’ as in EPIK, Efficiency or… Elsa

Let us start the New Year – and consequently our trip in content sharing – talking about who we are and […]