About us

Efficiency, Precision, Interactivity, Know-how

We are a language service agency that has maintained a strong presence in the domestic and international markets since being established in 1998.

While our vast experience as key partner for the Portuguese-speaking countries of German multinational SAP, world leader in corporate management software, has provided us with invaluable know-how in Localisation and Marketing, the extensive diversity of the high-quality language services we offer is what sets us apart.

We are also making a positive difference through the impeccable quality of our in-house translation team, proofreaders and project managers, as well as through the strict implementation of the European Quality Standard for Translation Services (EN 15038:2006) and the ISO 9001:2008 standard, which sets out a quality management model.

Our services


Globalisation Solutions

The globalisation of your company is as important for us as it is for you. We know exactly what to do to get there. We will provide you with localisation and language consultancy services, and will support you from start to finish. There’s no reason to wait any longer.

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Learning Solutions

Being proficient in a language is a defining factor in the global world in which we live. We can guarantee any language support plan and can offer language courses tailored to your needs.

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Translation Solutions

Our vast team of native and specialised translators can handle any type of document. Do you need a certified translation? We know exactly what must be done. We also provide many other services, such as proofreading, transcreation, subtitling and website translation.

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Interpreting Solutions

We have a hugely experienced team of interpreters for any type of event, including conferences, court hearings, training activities and weddings, both in Portugal and overseas. Our job is to give you the best advice and, if needed, we can provide you with all the necessary equipment.

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Case studies

Hundreds of titles published

More than 200 press headlines published on topics ranging from journalism and photography to biographical articles and documentaries and travel guides.

TETRAEPIK brand across the world

Projects done for large national and international editors, resulting in hundreds of published books on culture and entertainment, scientific research, art and architecture, cooking, health and beauty, among many others.

Official documents

Translation of numerous official documents for an international relations agency. These documents are translated in such a way that they are true to the original, in keeping always with the formatting and general aspect thereof.

Multipurpose translation

Thousands of words translated per month for a foreign translation company, in a wide range of areas – auto industry, TI, sports, marketing, among others – and meeting tight deadlines.

Thousands of lines translated

Thousands of lines translated per month, in the fields of marketing, IT and software, for a German technology company.

Proven experience in Interpreting

Several interpreting jobs in congresses for the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic and for various public bodies, such as the Ministry of the Interior, both in Portugal and overseas.

Testimonials from our clients