Congratulations, TETRAEPIK!

One more year, you say? No, not really. It was not just another year.

Actually, it was a multitude of moments worth sharing. Moments we spent among ourselves, with our families and friends, with our colleagues and teammates. Moments of joy, moments of sadness, (not too many) moments of peace and quiet and quite a lot of moments of hustle and bustle. Tight deadlines, challenging projects, thousands of lines, millions of words, multiple contexts and different interpretations – and the consequent decision-making, difficult choices, different people and necessary consensuses. However, there were also almost imperceptible smiles, irresistible roars of laughter, work-related discussions and heated debates. We also had private confessions and personal advices, moments of reflection, awareness and advancement. Moreover, it was a year to listen and to be heard, to ask for opinions and say what is on one’s mind, to discuss, appease and reinflame, to share ideas and essentially to grow… more and more each day.

To risk and overcome.

After all, you are the adventure we decided to embark on together. An adventure of a lifetime.

Twenty-two years (already?). Congratulations to you, TETRAEPIK. Better yet – Congratulations to us all!

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