Clients and partners

With over a decade of experience, several SAP certifications and an award in localisation, it is our clients who are the best vouch for the quality of our work and who help us to… make perfect sense:

SAP - It makes perfect sense to “Run Simple”

In 1993, 21 years after its foundation, SAP – Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing, a German multinational software corporation, arrived at the Portuguese market with a clear goal: to launch a technological revolution. And SAP actually achieved it and has been, ever since, at the forefront of the software and IT market. Currently, SAP has 425,000+ customers, almost 100,000 employees, and more than 18,000 partners. TETRAEPIK has had the honour of taking part in this endeavour and of being involved, since 1998, in tracing this path of success. Motivated by the drive to innovate and with the clear goal of being efficient, SAP’s “Run Simple” has been far more than a motto – it has been a way of life. And for TETRAEPIK, it makes indeed perfect sense to “Run Simple”.