Certified translation

Official quality assurance.

Certified translation differs from simple translation in that it must be certified by a notary public or a law firm. It is the equivalent to a sworn translation in the United Kingdom. The notary public or lawyer certifies the identity of the translator and both have to sign the certification, the original and the translation, which is then stapled together. The resulting certified document – the certification, the original and the translation – may not be used separately for other purposes.

Many of those who contact us because they need a so-called “official” translation do not know exactly what it means and what they must do to have their document certified, but we will explain and handle the process, making it so much easier for you.

Requirements vary according to the documents and their intended purpose.


Whether it is an education certificate for applying to a university abroad, a birth, marriage or death certificate, an extract from a judicial record or a legal document for a court case, we can and know how to do it. Contact us!