Translation of documents

The bridge between the unreadable and the intelligible.

Translating a document is a demanding process that should be left in the hands of qualified professionals. There is more to it than just converting a text from one language to another. The golden rule for translating is to have a customised approach to the information, so that the end-document is culturally and context-appropriate and that all the characteristics of the original document are accurately preserved in the translation. Knowing the source and target languages is the minimum requirement for translating, but is certainly not the only one. You need formal training in the field to be a translator.

When you ask us to translate a document, you can rest assured that the translation will always be revised before we hand it to you, at no extra charge. TETRAEPIK believes that no translation is ever completed unless it has been revised by another linguist. This is the only way to ensure the desired quality.


Translation is the bridge between the unreadable and the intelligible, and TETRAEPIK is the right agency to bridge that gap.