About us

We are a language service agency that has maintained a strong presence in the domestic and international markets since being established in 1998.

Our area of activity ranges from translation to interpreting, software localisation and linguistic training.   We have come a long way over the past 25 years, and this has given us the sensibility to analyse the market, understand its needs and consider how we can meet those needs. We are highly specialised and believe that the services we offer in all areas of expertise are second to none.   While our vast experience as key partner for the Portuguese-speaking countries of German multinational SAP, world leader in corporate management software, has provided us with invaluable know-how in Localisation and Marketing, the extensive diversity of the high-quality language services we offer is what sets us apart.   We are also making a positive difference through the impeccable quality of our in-house translation team, proofreaders and project managers, as well as through the strict implementation of the European Quality Standard for Translation Services (EN 15038:2006) and the ISO 9001:2008 standard, which sets out a quality management model.   It is against this backdrop that we strive, every day, to be the best we can, just for you.


Our ultimate goal is to see that our clients are fully satisfied. To achieve this, we provide outstanding services and make a point of guaranteeing strict compliance with deadlines, accurate translations, confidentiality policies, cordial relations with our clients, as well as competitive rates.


We see ourselves as a language supplier clearly focused on quality and the client and we believe in our important role in conciliating relationships between companies, institutions and people from different countries and cultures, origins and societies, and in eliminating apparently unbreakable language barriers.


Our activity is based on four guiding values:



Since being founded in January 1998, TETRAEPIK – Traduções e Serviços, Lda. has gradually taken up an important niche in the domestic and international language service market, in particular in the area of software localisation, and has participated in a number of projects for both the Portuguese and Brazilian markets. We have proudly been collaborating with the largest world supplier of corporate management software for over 25 years: German multinational SAP SE. Given its performance, dedication and quality, TETRAEPIK was named lead vendor for Portuguese, which in itself is a clear sign of SAP’s confidence in us. After a lengthy analysis and assessment process, SAP awarded TETRAEPIK the status of “Certified SAP Translation Partner”, making it the fifth company worldwide and the first ever Portuguese company to be awarded this quality seal. Later, TETRAEPIK was again audited and was one of the few translation agencies to be re-certified by SAP. Our most prestigious award was the “SAP Translation Partner of the Year”, awarded to the best of SAP’s more than 120 partner agencies. The most recent award, received in 2023, recognises TETRAEPIK for its longstanding relationship with SAP. The so-called “Long Service Award” distinguishes the collaboration we have had with SAP for over 25 years and that has presented us with difficult challenges, but allowed us, above all, to have a remarkable growth and priceless experiences. These are just some of the many steps we’ve taken to be recognised for the quality of our work and the integrity of the name TETRAEPIK.