6 tips for choosing the right translation agency

In the Age of Globalization we are currently living in, the ability to make ourselves understood in any other place in the world, to really immerse ourselves in another reality and to interact with different people and entities is almost always essential to our success and the growth of our company.

It is particularly complicated to choose an agency to be in charge of our project, which can break down barriers, especially when we speak another language. After all, sometimes we have to entrust them with an original document that took us months to finalize, was expensive and is valuable or even confidential, or we have to share information and possibly secrets, which we do not want to let go of: a master thesis, a promotional video or a marketing text.

Whatever the case, evaluating and selecting a language professional is difficult. The market is flooded with plenty of language solutions, Google makes a whole lot of suggestions and it is rarely clear why you should prefer one agency to another or even choose any alternative solutions.

We would like to help you and have listed six differentiating factors you should prioritize whenever you want to choose which language professional you should have by your side during your globalization project:

1. Support:

This is a crucial factor in decision-making. If the agency tries to follow your request swiftly, but thoroughly, it looks like this might very well be the right choice. The agency’s support should be available right from the start, whenever you request a quote, until the conclusion of the project. Additionally, for you to better decide which agency you wish to assign your project to, it is advisable to evaluate the agency’s determination in fully understanding your request.

2. Availability:

Is there always someone available at the agency to talk to you, assist you, find the best solution for your needs and solve any problems that may occur? If so, this is definitely a sign that the agency is reliable and cares about the client during all stages of the workflow, even before awarding the project and after its conclusion.

3. Revision:

Is the agency a fierce advocate of revision being an essential stage of the translation process? If so, this is certainly a positive indication that the tasks will be executed professionally and thoroughly.

4. Web content:

Read the agency’s web content. Should the website include articles, blog posts, or other similar publications, even better then! Catch a glimpse of the quality of the agency’s written content, which should be a sign for the time and dedication invested. If the spelling is correct, grammar is perfect and the text is fluent, then you will have one more point in favour of this agency.

5. Recognition:

Does the website show positive client testimonials or are there complimentary comments about the agency on social networks? That is a great sign. If the agency is acknowledged, praised and complimented by the clients, be they large companies or individuals, then consider this to be indicative of the quality delivered and the agency’s professional conduct.

6. Word of mouth:

Has anyone in your family or friends resorted to similar services? The best recommendation is always the one given by those closest to you. So, it’s wise to ask anyone you trust for their opinion about this matter.

It is obviously not necessary that the agency fulfils all these requirements; each one of those is just a factor that helps you be more secure about your decision-making. For example, if the agency is relatively small, it may be less known, which does not necessarily mean it is a bad choice. It is important to weigh the pros and cons and make a case-by-case assessment. If, however, the doubts remain, there is nothing better than to contact the agency and clarify them all.

With this article, we hope we managed to simplify your decision-making and to make it easier and faster. That way the whole process will be far more satisfying and less stressful.

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